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About Allie M. Designs Boutique

How we got started...... A little about Allie. She had always been interested in jewelry....... since childhood, where she started collecting sterling silver and gold charms to add to her charm holder.

In 1999 she moved to Cali and discovered a passion for creating accessories. She graduated with her BA in Fashion Design and Marketing in 2004. After graduation, Allie moved back to Ohio and took a few classes in metalsmithing while pursuing a Masters in Education. She gained some metals techniques which have helped her to combine her love for jewelry and passion for creating it. 

Allie M's designs have always revolved around resin, epoxy, found objects, and vintage style. Her first designs were pet accessories, then colored resin, cut-outs, initials, symbolic herb collection and now the Organics collection.

After 2 years of opening the store in downtown Akron, Allie moved the store to Fairlawn, Ohio (her dream location).  Now Allie M. Designs consists of jewelry, accessories and Allie's favorite apparel.